Lexington to begin 'one way' street changes in heart of downtown

Lexington to begin 'one way' street changes in heart of downtown

LEXINGTON, SC (WIS) - Town leaders say they are finally planning to move forward with a project that could ease the flow of traffic in and around Lexington's downtown.

SCDOT has now officially green-lighted construction plans that will turn stretches of Lake Drive (SC Highway 6) and Church Street into one-way roads. Beginning at Maiden Lane, Church Street would begin southbound-only traffic while Lake Drive would only go northbound. Two-way traffic would resume on the northbound side where Church Street runs into North Lake Drive.

Town officials said the goal of the project will be to increase the volume of cars that can get through the heart of Lexington especially when congestion is heavy.

"What this does is it gives more 'stacking capabilities' on the highway 6 corridor and the Church Street corridor so when the light turns green and that stacking is alleviated it will automatically switch the light back to the Main Street corridor," Lexington Mayor Steve MacDougall said. "When that happens that increases the green light time on Main Street."

MacDougall added that in all, vehicles traveling along East Main Street through downtown should see 45 percent more green light time.

Town officials also believe that the one-way shifts will work in tandem with 19 adaptive traffic signals that are currently online in Lexington.

Officials said the signals, which are designed to change based on the number of cars stopped at an intersection, have improved area traffic flow by 20 percent.

"I guarantee you the end product when this is finished people are gonna really really be proud of what we have down here," MacDougall said.

Officials said aside from building a few traffic islands and some repaving, the 'one-way' transition project will require minimal construction. The town is aiming to have most of the work done at night and have it completed by the spring of 2018.

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