National anthem protest on Monday Night Football draws mixed views from NFL fans

National anthem protest on Monday Night Football draws mixed views from NFL fans

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Monday night the National Football League once again drew national attention for more than just the game being played on the field.

A lot of eyes were on TVs during the national anthem of Monday Night Football as players and coaches on both teams demonstrated in solidarity. This all came in response to recent comments made by President Trump that those who don't stand for the anthem should be fired.

As was the case over the weekend the protest drew mixed reactions from those who saw it. While some viewers in the Midlands said they disagreed with it they also added that they did not agree with what the president did.

"Honestly I was a Trump supporter until his recent tweets about that," said Nick Stiles as he watched the game with friends in Five Points. "Like when you call {the players} SOBs, like you can't call out a group of people on Twitter and expect no one to get backlash from that."

Meanwhile, other football lovers who currently say they are not watching the NFL because of player demonstrations say they will continue to do so. Corporal Steven Diaz, a Marine who was wounded in combat during his service, said he has not watched any games since last season.

"The ratings I think would agree with me, would agree with a good portion of America, that {demonstrating during the anthem} is just not the right time and it's just unfortunate," Diaz said.

In response to the president's comments over the weekend, the NFL and the players association for the league would come out in support of the demonstrations.

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