9/11-themed corvette, new addition to Tunnel for Towers 5K

9/11-themed corvette, new addition to Tunnel for Towers 5K

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - You may notice a new addition to this year's Tunnel to Towers 5K.

You haven't seen too many corvettes like this one. Her name is Miss Liberty, and her owner says the award-winning car is proof of the beauty that can come from very unfortunate events.

Jeff Knight is the owner of car repair shop Knight Enterprise. He also currently owns the 9/11 themed-corvette. He says it's earned, "tons of trophies." When he was asked to create a design in memory of the 9/11 victims on a 2001 Z06.

"[I] wanted people to remember and not forget," Knight said. "It wasn't particularly for the work we did. I actually bought the car, purchased the car and I've been taking it around and showing it off."

Not wanting recognition for the work, but the message, Jeff eventually took ownership of the car.

On Sept. 15, he'll be showing it off at the annual Tunnel for Towers 5K.

"We had a connection with New York City since 9/11 and even prior to that," Irmo Fire Chief Mike Sonefeld said. "So, this is our way to continue to give back to New York City for what happened on 9/11."

Proceeds help those continuing to fight for our country's safety.

"We build smart homes for catastrophically wounded soldiers," Sonefeld said.

Knight says he can only hope Miss Liberty will soon become an even bigger source of support for the community.

"I'm hoping more people will see this. I don't charge for the car. The car is everybody's car. It's not just mine."

Rolling along with the car's ultimate message.

"The times are kind of rough now. You can come together and survive over anything. No matter how bad it is, we all can come together," says Knight."

You can see the car at the Tunnel for Towers 5K event coming up Sept. 15 at the 9/11 Memorial on Lincoln Street.

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