CAUGHT ON CAM: Drivers using emergency shoulder of I-20 as extra lane

CAUGHT ON CAM: Drivers using emergency shoulder of I-20 as extra lane

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - On a Friday night on I-20 at Spears Creek Church Road in Columbia, traffic is almost always bumper to bumper.

In that rush to find the exit and get home, an anonymous viewer sent WIS video of drivers making a big mistake. The videos show car after car, truck after semi-trailer - using the emergency shoulder of the interstate as an additional lane.

"Yeah, it backs up just like that," said Jason Hetrick. "Four lanes across, counting the shoulder."

Jason Hetrick lives in Camden and makes the I-20 trek to Columbia every day.

"They're making their own lane," Hetrick said.

He said he sees this every week on his commute home. Laura Hughes, who also commutes from Lugoff to Columbia. She said her 50-mile commute is riddled with accidents reckless drivers.

Hughes is always on her guard. She said it's not just one spot that gets backed up - its multiple areas and dozens of drivers on both I-20 and I-26.

"I can guarantee on Friday there's going to be a wreck and it's very frustrating," Hughes said.

It's becoming an increasingly prominent issue and SCDPS troopers said they're cracking down. If you get pulled over, it's gonna cost you and your driving record.

"It could be upwards of 6 points and $400 or $500," said Lance Corporal David Jones.

But aside from the penalties - there's an even more important reason why you shouldn't do this.

"The side of the road in the office for many people," LCpl Jones said. "For law enforcement, for fire service, for DOT. Don't be that person to make that poor decision."

According to the SCDOT website, there are some planned widening and safety measures listed as project plans for the area of Spears Creek Church Road in Columbia. But currently, there's no end date in sight.

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