Moped rider reports he was deliberately hit by pickup

Moped rider reports he was deliberately hit by pickup

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - A Columbia man is recovering from injuries he says he suffered when a group of men in a pickup truck deliberately veered into the moped he was riding.

Rufus McQueen told police the incident happened in the early morning hours of August 18 as he was driving northbound on Harden Street near the Richland County Administration Building.

An incident report says McQueen, who is black, told police his moped was struck by a dark colored pickup truck driven by a white male.

Columbia civil rights activist Kevin Alexander Gray says the 70-year-old victim suffered a broken collarbone and a possible leg injury.

Gray says McQueen told him he had been returning from a trip to the Cookout restaurant in Five Points when a black pickup carrying several young white men pulled up beside him.

Gray says McQueen believes one of the men yelled "now" before the truck rammed the moped.

McQueen told Gray the men laughed as they drove off.

A spokeswoman for the Columbia Police Department, Jennifer Timmons, says an investigation is underway and will consider whether the incident had a racial motive.

Timmons says officers are checking surveillance cameras in the area but had not found video of the collision, so far.

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