Sheriff: Two drug dealers off the streets after sentencing

Sheriff: Two drug dealers off the streets after sentencing

KERSHAW COUNTY, SC (WIS) - Two men captured by the Kershaw County Sheriff's Office as alleged drug dealers have been sentenced to prison.

According to Kershaw County Sheriff Jim Matthews, Anthony C. Davis, 37, and Sylvester R. Johnson, 34, were sentenced to 9 years and 14 years respectively for trafficking in cocaine.

Johnson, Matthews said, was pulled over for a traffic stop near a home known for drug sales in the county. Matthews said Johnson threw under an ounce of cocaine on the ground following the stop.

Davis, meanwhile, was arrested following a drug raid at his home that unearthed 53 grams of crack cocaine and 16 grams of cocaine, Matthews said. Davis had previously been arrested in New Jersey for numerous felony drug offenses.

"Drug abuse is the common thread in almost all of the crimes we deal with. These men sold drugs in our community. They were caught and now will face prison," said Sheriff Jim Matthews. "Drug dealing is not a victimless crime as some would argue. Anyone with a family member who is addicted to drugs of any kind will tell you that they and their loved one are definitely victims."

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