Donation impact: Local lawyer receives platelet infusions to survive

Updated: Aug. 3, 2017 at 9:25 PM EDT
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COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Ceasie Johnson doesn't "look" like a patient.

She's a lawyer, practicing financial services litigation and bankruptcy work at Scott and Corley in Columbia. As we met her for our interview, she was working remotely while hooked up to an IV at Palmetto Health Infusion Center.

"I go to court. I have two mediations I have to attend after I get this infusion," Johnson said.

Her work, being fueled partially by the contents of a bag full of yellow fluid. They're blood platelets.

"The impact of one unit, it gives me another week of life," Johnson said. "It's sustaining me."

Johnson has a blood disorder that doctors are having a hard time diagnosing. What they do know: she needs platelets twice a week.

"My platelets were dangerously low. And that day they send me in for platelet infusions," Johnson said.

She now gets platelet infusions twice a week. That means she's gotten more than 100 bags of platelets in the past year.

"It's been a blessing and it's life-saving to me. I've been able to keep my job," Johnson said.

As she waits to see what the future holds, doctors have started Johnson on a new drug that will hopefully target her low platelet levels.

As she reflects on the impact of how platelet infusions are sustaining her life, she wants to encourage others to give.

"Don't ever be nervous. It's not painful, it doesn't hurt. But it helps so much for those of us who need it."

You can give any time of the year by scheduling an appointment at

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