Deputy who helped deliver Texas toddler celebrates her first birthday in photoshoot

Deputy who helped deliver Texas toddler celebrates her first birthday in photoshoot

GRANBURY, TX (WIS) - Not everyone gets a hero, or the option to be close to their hero.

That's not the case for Evelyn Hall. The Texas 1-year-old has known her hero, Tarrant County, TX Deputy Constable Mark Diebold since she was born. Literally.

You may remember the story: Deputy Constable Diebold helped deliver Evvie as her panicked parents, Destiny and Caleb Hall, raced to the hospital in the early morning hours of July 18, 2016.

When Evvie decided she wasn't going to be hindered, Diebold, who was escorting the parents to the hospital after flagging them down, stepped in. Evvie was born in a gas station parking lot, weighing in at six pounds and 11 ounces.

Destiny says it was his kindness that really made the experience better.

"His willingness to stop on his way to work to help us out was beautiful. How it has changed me was seeing his reaction to it. Evelyn's birth was a sign to him that he was exactly where God placed him to be. He is serving in a role which is his calling. The pure joy I saw in his face is a look I will never forget," Hall said. "Her birth was right during a time of sadness and anger for America. During a time where people were being hateful and violent to our police officers. This birth. This story was a breath of fresh air in a time of hostility. This is why we named her Evelyn - it means life!"

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Their appreciation for Diebold was showcased in Evelyn's newborn photos also taken by photographer Cyndi Williams in 2016. The Diebolds and the Halls have become friends in the last year.

"The Hall children call Officer Diebold 'Uncle Mark,' so I believe he will always be a part of their lives," Williams said. "So much love has come from this story, and I am simply lucky enough to witness it first hand."

"The tea party was definitely a bonding moment for her and Uncle Mark," Hall said. "She thoroughly enjoyed clinking her tea cup with him and she continued laughing with him after the photo shoot. It was fun to watch!"

Hall says Uncle Mark has been a blessing for her family and is a protective, loving, and caring family man.

"Getting to know him and his family has been such a joy," Hall said.

Williams said it's been such a pleasure helping these two families grow together - and she loves capturing their bond during the photo shoots.

"It has been such a blessing to be apart of the Hall and Diebold journey," Williams said. "I was raised in a family of law enforcement, so to share something so joyful truly makes my heart smile!"

Hall says she's still amazed at the attention her little girl's entrance into the world is getting.

"Here I am, a year later in shock to see how people are responding to my birth story. This shows me how much our nation is in need of seeing people working together," Hall said. "There is love in this world. There is hope and there is a God who makes divine appointments. I couldn't have planned all this myself even if I tried!"

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