Former victim of escaped SC inmate relives nightmare, but feels confident in law enforcement

Former victim of escaped SC inmate relives nightmare, but feels confident in law enforcement

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - It's been more than 24 hours since an inmate escaped a South Carolina prison and the search continues to find him.

Law enforcement is on high alert, warning people to not approach Causey if they see him. Causey's best-known victim told WIS that he and his family are a bit nervous but still confident law enforcement will eventually track this guy down.

Attorney Jack Swerling who, along with his wife and daughter, had been terrorized in their own home by Causey and an accomplice, Charles Dawayne Wilson.

The two entered the house through a rear door in 2002, duct-taped and robbed the family at gunpoint. Swerling was targeted by Causey, who had been Swerling's client a decade earlier.

Causey was later sentenced to life in prison for kidnapping, armed robbery, burglary and other charges. But in 2005, he and another inmate broke out of Columbia's Broad River Correctional Institution.

In 2005, Swerling spoke to WIS as authorities tried to locate his attacker.

"There's no question in my mind he was on a downward spiral, when he committed our home invasion and did a bank robbery and ultimately someone was going to get killed," he said in 2005. "We're just trying to deal with it hour by hour and hope that they get caught very soon."

Law enforcement caught up with Causey and his fellow escapee at a Jasper County motel when they were spotted by a woman delivering a pizza to them.

But on Thursday, Swerling is reliving his family's nightmare from 15 years ago. Swerling said, via a phone interview, that he and his family are out of town and under law enforcement protection.

"I feel very confident and fully protected by law enforcement. And I've also got means with me to protect myself and my family as well," Swerling said. "But law enforcement has been on top of it. And have been very responsive and we're in communication all the time. I think anybody who would break into somebody's house and hold it at their head is extremely dangerous."

There is at least one report from our sister station in Charleston that Causey may have cut through several fences to make his escape at Lieber Correctional in Ridgeville.

The corrections department has not confirmed that report at this time. The station is also citing sources who say Causey may have been missing since Tuesday. That information is also unconfirmed.

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