Neighbors say speeding is a problem along busy Columbia road

Updated: Jun. 27, 2017 at 8:00 PM EDT
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COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Zoltan Borbely not only lives along Kilbourne Road. The IT consultant does a lot of work from his home near Gills Creek.

"It's my neighborhood. I live here. My neighbors live here. We all love living here," he said.

But, for the past two years, he's spent a lot of his time working on something else.

"Over the two years, I've probably invested close to 200 hours," he said of his research and advocacy project.

Borbely said the sometimes constant, high-speed traffic through his neighborhood has become dreadful.

"Someone's going to get run over," he said. "There's just no need for this much traffic to be on this road."

Borbely said a lot of the speeding drivers are using Kilbourne as a shortcut from Fort Jackson Boulevard to Beltline.

"The speeds are excessive for what the road can handle. The first half mile coming down from Fort Jackson Boulevard is blind. You really can't see the intersections. There's a sidewalk on only one side," Borbely said. "It's not uncommon to see someone coming through at 40, 50, or more. DOT has trapped someone going as fast as 70."

Borbely would like to see the South Carolina Department of Transportation do more.

"Honestly, I'm at my wit's end," he said. "This shouldn't be."

He said SCDOT installed radar-equipped speed limit caution signs not too long ago. Representative Kirkman Finlay said they seem to be helping.

"It's one of those streets, like Pickens Street coming down from the tennis center, where people probably go a little bit too quickly on," Rep. Finlay said.

Finlay, who represents the area, said more engineering and policing could help.

"Letting people know that they're speeding is really helpful, but occasionally, you have to write some tickets," he said.

Meanwhile, Borbely will keep fighting for a long-term solution.

He's said he'd like to see more stop signs along Kilbourne, but he told WIS that DOT doesn't think that idea will help.

WIS reached out to DOT today but didn't hear back.

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