Columbia neighborhood unnerved after instances of animal torture, abuse

Columbia neighborhood unnerved after instances of animal torture, abuse

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Someone is abusing and killing animals, according to residents who live in the Rosewood neighborhood on South Prospect Street.

Neighbors say two dead cats were found Thursday evening just feet apart from each other. It appears they had been strangled.

The people who live on South Prospect Street are upset, they're asking questions and hoping the person who did this will be held responsible. So far, there have been few answers.

The City of Columbia Animal services interviewed neighbors Friday afternoon.

We have reached out to the Columbia Police Department for details in this case but so far we have not heard back.

However, a handful of neighbors showed us extremely graphic pictures, and many of the neighbors are so worried about their safety they would not talk to us on camera.

"They were just on the side of the road and obviously look like they had been strangled," one person said. "One of them to the point where the eye was protruding out. Disturbing pictures. It's very sad."

One woman who lives on South Prospect Street said she had been feeding these cats and believes they could have been the ones she was taking care of.

"I do fear it was them. I can't be 100 percent sure but I have been looking for them this afternoon and I can't find them. Normally they come out, I put food out this morning. None of the cats have come to eat. I know it's a hot day so they can be hunkered down somewhere in the cool but I didn't even see them yesterday, it's extremely concerning to me."

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