UPDATE: DMV seeks to suspend license of Midlands used car dealer

UPDATE: DMV seeks to suspend license of Midlands used car dealer

WEST COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - The South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles has notified a used car dealership that its license might soon be suspended.
Complaints have been piling up against S&D Auto Sales on Airport Boulevard in West Columbia.
Now, after WIS began looking into dealership and several more recent complaints were filed, the DMV is taking action. The department is seeking to suspend the dealership's license to sell cars. The suspension would begin at 12:01 AM on July 2 and end at 11:59 PM on July 8.

"You may not sell or attempt to effect the sale of any motor vehicle during the above time period," a DMV manager wrote in a letter to S&D.

In moving to suspend S&D's license, DMV cited three cases in which S&D failed to deliver titles to paying customers within 45 days.

During the suspension, S&D’s dealer license will have to be removed from public view. All dealer plates will have to be secured inside the dealership’s office.
S&D’s owner, Serge Ratkovic, can appeal the suspension. He’ll have 10 days after the date of notification to decide whether to appeal or not.

If the suspension goes through, it'll be the first time S&D has been suspended.

Per DMV policy, dealerships are put on seven-day suspension if they rack up 12 points against their dealer's license within three years. However, according to documents, S&D has racked up 28 points against its license since March 2016.

WIS asked the DMV why S&D is just now being suspended, and the DMV said it's because they use discretion.

"This dealer has been in business since early 2015. For the first year-and-a-half, there were no complaints filed against him. And, it takes time to show a complete dealer story that may affect how a suspension is issued," a DMV spokesperson wrote in a statement. "While the dealer has received 28 points within three years on his license, the SCDMV gave him a 7-day suspension instead of a 30-day as it works to gather more information on all complaints filed against the dealer in question. Before further actions are taken, the SCDMV will wait until the 7-day suspension is served."

On Friday afternoon, S&D's owner, Serge Ratkovic, acknowledged that he is being sanctioned by the DMV but didn't say if he'll appeal or not.

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