Busy intersection causes daily alarm for Richland County homeowners

Busy intersection causes daily alarm for Richland County homeowners
(Source: Mike DeSumma/WIS)
(Source: Mike DeSumma/WIS)

RICHLAND COUNTY, SC (WIS) - People who live in one area neighborhood say they want to see action taken on a highly-used intersection that sits right near their homes.

Gwendolyn Tidwell's home is right near the busy junction. Tidwell's home is located on Heyward Brockington Road right where it intersects with Crane Church Road. Traffic from Dubard-Boyle Road also feeds into the juncture.

"Like I said it's just a whole bunch of speeding coming and going," Tidwell said.

Several residents, including Tidwell, said the biggest problem is that drivers approaching the intersection are going too fast.

Drivers traveling on Heyward Brockington are supposed to have the right of way but Tidwell said too often traffic on the other streets is not yielding at posted stop signs.

"There's no slowing down. There's no stopping..there's no regard for anyone walking on the road," said Carmen Murray, who also lives off of Heyward Brockington Road.
Tidwell said many crashes at the intersection have resulted with her having to make needed repairs to the fence in front of her property.

She said she has reached out to the South Carolina Department of Transportation and members of the state legislature with the hope of getting the situation addressed.
"I would say put better lighting in the area," Tidwell said. "Probably even a speed bump or something before they get to the stop sign."

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