'Adult' clubs force Richland County to face questions about their existence

'Adult' clubs force Richland County to face questions about their existence

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Richland County officials and community leaders have complained about an adult nightclub operating near I-20 and Broad River Road.
But the Black Pearl restaurant and club at 2219 Broad River Road is hardly the only business of its type in the area and another one may be on the way.
The Richland County Sheriff's Department says it also objected to a business permit for a club at 3106 Broad River Road known as The Vault. Videos identifying The Vault and posted online indicate it also features scantily clad dancers and a stripper pole.

In an application for a permit filed with the county by the business's owner, the sheriff's department recommends against issuance of the license.

The agency cites 23 incidents ranging from assaults to property crimes, calling the location "a hotbed for crime now and in the future."

The sheriff's department says the club is operating as a sexually oriented business without proper licensing and was found guilty of that offense Feb. 21.

In an unrelated development, investigators say they believe efforts are underway to reopen a former strip club on River Drive. The location formerly known as Crush and Chastity's Gold Club was the scene of a murder in 2006.

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