Medical marijuana advocates encouraged by new SC hemp law

Medical marijuana advocates encouraged by new SC hemp law

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WIS) - Advocates of legalizing medical marijuana feel lawmakers are one step closer to that goal, after a bill allowing farmers to grow hemp in South Carolina is passed into law.

However, law enforcement is saying not so fast - hemp and the marijuana proposed for medical use are totally different.

Those who backed the hemp bill are quick to let you know, hemp and medical marijuana are two different forms of the cannabis plant.

Those for medical marijuana, like David Newsom, believe the hemp bill could be a step in the direction of legalizing marijuana to be used as medicine.

Newsom is a father-turned-lobbyist from Myrtle Beach. He is pushing for medical marijuana bills called the Compassionate Carr Act, to allow certain patients with certain conditions to use two ounces of dried cannabis every 14 days.

His push is inspired by his daughters; one is a 7-year-old with a genetic brain condition that causes her seizures; his older daughter is currently battling cancer.

"She was diagnosed at about six months old and for a long period of time before we had access to CBD oil or even knew anything about it, she was having you know, relatively 100 to 150 seizures a day,"
Newsom says.

He believes they would benefit from medical marijuana more than from the CBD oil form they can now use legally.

"When if hypothetically, this law had passed? I would then know at that point I won't have to move to another state. You know, they can out-live me. That's the kind of thing every parent wants," Newsom said.

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