SC Lottery numbers snafu causes pay off problems

Published: Jun. 28, 2005 at 2:47 AM EDT|Updated: Nov. 12, 2007 at 2:08 AM EST
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(Columbia) June 27, 2005 - Roy Corbitt had been waiting all day for a check.

He had been trying to collect on a winning lottery ticket. He thought the ticket was only worth $9 or $10, "I know I had three numbers. I didn't really know I had four. That's why I was shocked when they guy said you won $600."

They told him there was a problem with his ticket when he went to the lottery claims office to collect his winnings. He wasn't alone. He says several people also came to claim their money, "A lot them had $600 or $700 like I did." He was told to go home, "They said we had to come back and they wouldn't tell us why. They just said there was a problem."

Tony Cooper with the South Carolina Lottery says there was a problem stemming from a mistake on the Friday night's Palmetto Cash Five lottery drawing, "The auditor certified the number 37 as one of the winning numbers when actually the numbers drawn was 27."

He says calls started pouring into the lottery office on Monday morning, "People who actually watched the drawing saw the number 27, but 37 was justified in the system." He says a flaw in the system caused the lottery to pay off all the winners: those with the winning number 27 and the incorrectly posted number 37, "The mistake that was made by the auditors resulted in the number being paid twice."

That's just fine with Corbitt. He's now changed his pay off from just a few dollars to hundreds because of human error, "Today's my lucky day, I'm going to buy me some lottery tickets."

So, you may actually have money to claim. If you have the winning numbers on Friday night's Palmetto Cash Five lottery ticket including the number 27, then go to the lottery's claim office on Lady Street .

The winning numbers were: 8 - 14 - 15 - 31 - 27 - PowerUp - 2.

By Tamara King
Posted 10:33pm by BrettWitt