Bill enabling foster children to obtain driver's license to go into effect

Bill enabling foster children to obtain driver's license to go into effect

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - A bill that Governor McMaster signed in early April which enables children in foster care to obtain driver's licenses and permits goes into effect next week.

Senate Bill 198 expanded the list of responsible adults who can legally sign the application for a minor to obtain a beginner's permit or driver's license. The old law specified that only a parent or guardian of a child could authorize the child to get their beginners permit. The language of the law barred children in foster care and others in non-traditional family settings from getting their permits and licenses.

"Few things at the DMV are more difficult than turning down a young adult because the law failed to acknowledge the guardian status of someone with custodial care. We're excited to serve these young adults at the DMV once they're prepared and ready!" South Carolina Department of Services Director Susan Alford said.

The bill received overwhelming support from both the Senate and the House and was signed by the Governor on April 5.

"S.198 eliminated what was yet another way these children were singled out," Senator Katrina Shealy (R-Lexington) explained. "Now, they can more easily get licenses and beginner's permits like other young adults in this state."

Beginning Monday, April 24, all 67 branches of the DMV will be accepting the signatures from the expanded list of authorized adults.
If you're signing on behalf of a minor, you must present a picture ID, select your relationship to the child on the appropriate DMV form, bring your DSS approval letter (if applicable), and complete the Consent for Minor section of the Application for a Beginner's Permit.

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