Petition wants Henry McMaster to leave exclusive country club

Petition wants Henry McMaster to leave exclusive country club

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - A petition is hoping to get soon-to-be-Gov. Henry McMaster to renounce his membership to an exclusive South Carolina country club.

The petition, written by a man named Hamilton Grant, wants McMaster to dump his membership at the Forest Lake Club, a country club known for their controversial "white membership" benchmark created when the club was founded.

"Current South Carolina Lieutenant Governor and Incoming Governor Henry McMaster, has been a member of this all-white club for over 30 years," Grant wrote. "As the Lieutenant Governor prepares to take residency in the State's Governor's Mansion, McMaster has no plans of quitting and distancing himself from this discriminatory 'members only' country club."

Grant's petition says McMaster should not be part of the club because "it will send the message to South Carolinians and our nation that it is ok for discrimination and racism to continue."

McMaster's membership at Forest Lake is not a new controversy. In fact, it came up when McMaster successfully ran against Rep. Bakari Sellers during the lieutenant governor's race in 2014.

Back then, Sellers asked McMaster to leave the club, saying he wanted McMaster to stand with him against South Carolina's "old ghosts" of division.

The club, meanwhile, has always claimed they are not racist and that blacks are not excluded.

So far, 173 people have signed the petition.

McMaster is expected to become the next governor of South Carolina after Gov. Nikki Haley resigns to take over as the United States Ambassador to the United Nations in the Donald Trump administration.

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