Sumter residents concerned about yellow water

Sumter residents concerned about yellow water

SUMTER, SC (WIS) - Residents in Sumter want to know why they have yellow water coming out of their faucets.

Sumter's Public Works Department says the water is safe to drink and it's normal. However, several residents in both the Winter Park and Hidden Bay neighborhoods say they aren't taking any chances as their frustrations with the water issues continue to grow.

"This is water straight out of our faucet from Tuesday night," Monica Oxendine, a Hidden Bay resident said.

Friday the water coming out of the tap was clear.

"You never know when it may turn yellow," Oxendine explained. "You could be in the shower and it just turns."

A handful of residents, including Oxendine, say they just aren't sure what the water will look like from one day to the next.

"One day it can be clear and then in just a few hours it can be yucky and nasty," Stephanie Disher, a Winter Park Neighborhood resident said.

The residents are now asking why.

"We have been told that it's a broken water main, but nothing is ever permanently fixed," Disher said. "I have actually not been able to speak to anyone. Every time that I call I'm put on hold."

They say the water has been discolored since the October flood.

"Off and on but in the last six months it's at least two times a month if not more," Oxendine said. "We don't get any resolve or anything about how they are going to fix the problem."

Residents in both neighborhoods say they don't drink the water or brush their teeth with it. They're spending money on water bottles and constantly replacing filters, however, people also say there's another problem they're facing.

"When you call the city and ask them to come out, they just come open the hydrants and that is the last thing we hear," Oxendine explained.

Those hydrants are flooding a few neighborhoods. Oxendine said one has been running since Tuesday.

The City of Sumter said the water is most likely colored from iron in the ground and it is safe to drink. They also say broken water mains are a frequent occurrence there.

Public Works said they issue boil water advisories when they deem that it's necessary. However, residents said they have never received any and don't know where to find them.

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