Attorney for owner of furniture store offers options for angry customers

Attorney for owner of furniture store offers options for angry customers

WEST COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Several shoppers near the Capital City were fired up in the last few days before Christmas. They say they bought furniture from an area store only to have the company file for bankruptcy days later.

We spoke with the owners of the store who say they really found themselves up against a wall with debt and did not have a good time to go through with this decision to close. Yet the thing some angered customers say they just can't understand is why the store was advertising a sale just days before this happened.

"They were having a retirement sale, so you know we thought we could get a good deal," customer Kayleigh McDaniel said.

Kayleigh and Cory McDaniel said last week they were looking for the perfect gift for their daughter. They thought they found it when they purchased $3,000 in bedroom furniture at Bed and Such in West Columbia.

"I didn't think anything of them going out of business," McDaniel said. "I just thought they were retiring."

But when they called to check on their order, they discovered the story was closing and filing for bankruptcy.

"And I said, 'You've got to be kidding me!' We were just here last Tuesday," McDaniel said.

"And I kept telling her we not gonna get the bed because the government locks the doors and you can't get anything," Cory McDaniel said.

For the McDaniels and other families, that appears to be the case. As part of the procedure for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, many customers have been asked to contact their credit providers or a trustee appointed for the case.

Owners of the store say they are doing what they can to get all accounts settled. The McDaniels say they just want the charge they made on their large purchase removed.

"We work just like anyone else does," McDaniel said. "We're trying to provide for our family just like they are, so you know it's just sad. It's a sad situation."

Attorneys who handle bankruptcy cases say in many cases businesses are able to work through matters like this -- in most cases restoring credit for customers affected. A meeting date has been set for Beds and Such in bankruptcy court -- scheduled for Jan. 20.

The attorney representing the owner of Beds and Such says if a customer paid with a credit card, they should contact the issuing credit card company and all creditors can file a claim by clicking here, or by contacting a lawyer.

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