LIVE BLOG: Judge grants Roof's request to end self-representation

LIVE BLOG: Judge grants Roof's request to end self-representation

CHARLESTON, SC (WIS) - Accused Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof will get his attorneys back after a judge granted a request by the 22-year-old over the weekend.

Judge Richard Gergel will allow Roof's attorneys to represent him again through the guilt phase of the trial.

Roof says, however, he still wants to represent himself during the sentencing phase. Judge Gergel urged him to reconsider that, however.

The question some are asking is – why? Charleston School of Law Professor Miller Shealy said there are many reasons as to why he would choose this tactic.

"First of all, he may disagree with the strategy being used by his defense attorneys," Shealy said. "A lot of defendants in these kinds of cases, they flee from this, it damages their ego, it hurts them to hear people say you have a mental problem, it hurts them to hear people say you had a bad family upbringing."

Other than that topic, Roof, his reappointed attorneys, prosecutors, and the judge met to talk about procedures for the upcoming trial and other various motions and issues -- big and small.

On Tuesday, they'll have the day off to prepare.

A final jury will be picked starting at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, then opening statements begin.

Prosecutors expect to present about seven or eight days of testimony from its witnesses.

When Roof's defense attorney, David Bruck, was asked for an estimate about how long he'll need to present his side of the case, he said "very little additional time."

Judge Gergel shot down a motion that the defense filed – arguing for the case against Roof to be dismissed for a number of constitutional reasons.

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