'Tip' for Cracker Barrel waitress: "The woman's place is in the home"

Published: Oct. 17, 2016 at 6:15 PM EDT|Updated: Oct. 18, 2016 at 12:44 PM EDT
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COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - A waitress at a Cracker Barrel in South Carolina received the kind of "tip" most wouldn't expect: A note explaining to her why, according to the Bible, she should be at home and not working, and even suggesting the woman's husband was cheating on her while she is on the job.

The note, which was written on a napkin last Thursday evening and left in lieu of a monetary tip, started off in an innocuous way saying: "Thank you for your excelent [sic] service today - Your a good waitress," but quickly took a turn from polite to something very different with three underlined words: "Here's your tip:"

"The womans place is in the home," the misspelled and mistake-laden note read. "You're place is in the home. It even says so in the Bible."

The waitress, who did not want to be identified, said the couple who authored the note was in their mid-fifties. "The guests were very friendly and polite when I served them, which made this come as an even bigger surprise," the waitress said. She said as she was taking guests' order at an adjacent table, the couple returned to their table after leaving to pay to slip the napkin on the table and "dart out the door."

"You may think that [your] contributing to your household by coming into work, but your not," the note continued. "While your in here 'working' this is the reason your husband must see another women on his way home from a long day at his work. Because you should be takeing [sic] care of the household duties."

The waitress is not married, but said she has a loving and supportive boyfriend who has been by her side as she is working to try to further her education.

"You may think what you are doing 'working' is right, it is really essentially a disgrace to his manhood and to the American family."

"So instead of coming to your 'job' and looking for hand out's to feed your family, hows about going home and cleaning your house and cooking a hot meal for your husband and children, the way you're husband and God intended, and help make America great again. Praying for families and our nation."

The couple signed the note with "love" followed by their last name.

"I felt hurt, and a bit heartbroken," the waitress said. "It is a bit disheartening and discouraging that things like this happen at this day and age."

The waitress said she had never served the couple before but said it is possible they are South Carolina residents. She did not want the couple's name to be used in this story, but said she holds no ill will and is "praying for them."

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