Lexington County family fighting drug epidemic through new program

Lexington County family fighting drug epidemic through new program

LEXINGTON COUNTY, SC (WIS) - "It won't happen to my family." Do you ever say that when it comes to a child or even a parent about becoming addicted to drugs?

The Lexington County Sheriff's Department says it can happen and that's why it hosted a drug awareness discussion Sunday evening at Mount Horeb United Methodist Church in Lexington County.

The sheriff's department called the program Chasing the Dragon. It's a term more complicated than merely smoking opium.

Hundreds attended to learn how to fight against the drug epidemic sweeping the country.

For Susan and Scotty Mill, fighting drug addiction is personal.

"It's affected our families. Hers and mine," Scotty Mill said.

Saturday was the first time the Lexington County family publicly spoke out about a problem that hits close to home.

"We want public awareness, we want to be able to help these kids, that's our mission so to speak. The 14 to 24-year-old kids. They get into trouble and there is really nowhere for them to go," said Mill.

That's when they realized this fight would be harder than they imagined.

"When it first hit us, you are blind-sided. You don't know who to go to, who can I call? And then when you do call and you find somebody, it's months and months before you can be seen. In situations like this you don't have months, sometimes you don't even have days," Susan Mill said.

It's a fight worth fighting for the Mill family, and one they want to share with the community.

"We have so many plans for the courage center. We want to do parent and community meetings twice a month," Susan said.

Inspired by their journey, they began a program called Courage Connection.

"It's every Tuesday here at Mount Horeb Church at 7 p.m.," Susan said. "Once we get a place. Our plans are to have academic services, GED's, online education, activities, recreational activities and things to help give them a sense of purpose and hope."

Captain Adam Myrick with the Lexington County Sheriff's Department said, "Who knows how big their vision can be, but help those people deal with family members who have an addiction. We are very encouraged already by their sharing of their story."

Sheriff Jay Koon, Lexington School District One Superintendent Dr. Greg Little and DEA Assistant Special Agent in charge Todd Spradling also attended.

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