EXCLUSIVE: Keith Scott's family's attorney reveals new details in police shooting

EXCLUSIVE: Keith Scott's family's attorney reveals new details in police shooting

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - New details have emerged in the deadly police shooting of Keith Scott in Charlotte.

Attorneys representing the family have released results from an independent autopsy. The autopsy was performed in Newberry 10 days after the shooting.

In a WIS Exclusive interview, Billie Jean Shaw sat down with the Scott family's attorney, Justin Bamberg, who said the results of the autopsy showed that Scott was shot three times - shining more light on what happened in that 3-minute encounter between Scott and the police.

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"He was shot in the left wrist.  He was shot once in the left abdomen, which would had rendered him paralyzed from that point down where he hit the ground immediately. What we believe that the first shot was actually the shot to the back and that shot was actually a fatal shot," Bamberg said.

"What do you take away from that?" Shaw asked.

"When you look at what occurred there were problems with their tactical approach. There were problems with their directives. You know everybody talks about them saying 'drop the gun' approximately 12 times, well the bulk of that is while he was sitting inside of his vehicle," Bamberg responded.

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"It took CMPD several days to release the full footage after Mrs. Scott released cell phone video. What in that video stands out to you?" Shaw asked.

"The fact is when Keith Scott was shot his hands were down, when he falls to the pavement we have a clear view of the area surrounding his body and you don't see anything on the ground near him at any point in time. They're rolling him over, they're grabbing their hands. You don't see any officers pass a firearm in the video," Bamberg said.

"Some information came out that Mrs. Scott had pressed charges against Mr. Scott for domestic violence and threatening her with a gun," Shaw said.

"Mrs. Scott will tell you there is a past there and they did have some very rough times during their 20-year marriage. At the end of the day, regardless of the past or what happened, the question is whether that shooting was justified not if Mr. Scott was a good husband. Regardless of how this plays out, at the end of the day his wife and his seven children deserve to know how their loved one died and what exactly happened to him."

Bamberg goes on to say his hopes are that the family can reach an agreement with the Charlotte-Mecklenberg Police Department, avoiding a trial.

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