Residents in Marion County return to flooded neighborhood

Residents in Marion County return to flooded neighborhood

MARION COUNTY, SC (WIS) - After more homes were destroyed in the Pee Dee region, neighbors tearfully took boat rides where there were once driveways.

In the Blue Savannah community in Marion County, water sits ankle deep only to drop off nearly covering mailboxes and come up under the floors of homes in the neighborhood.

Everyone made it out of the area safely. However, residents never imagined the water would get this high.

One neighbor said she hopes people watching can understand the water can be so dangerous and to evacuate if there's ever any question it will threaten your safety.

"It's just devastating to look at 30 years of all of it gone, knowing you've got to start all over again," said Cheryl Williamson.

Families with children returned to get clothes, TV sets, other valuables and food. One family said they went back to get their dog, but they couldn't find him and they're worried he can't swim well because he's missing a leg.

Most people from the area are staying with friends or relatives just wondering when the waters will recede.

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