LIVE BLOG: Kentucky 1-yard run puts Wildcats up over USC 17-10

LIVE BLOG: Kentucky 1-yard run puts Wildcats up over USC 17-10

LEXINGTON, KY (WIS) - South Carolina (2-1, 0-1 SEC) is in Lexington, Kentucky tonight to face the Kentucky Wildcats in search of their first SEC win of the season.

We will update this story during each scoring drive.

Stay tuned!

SCORE 1: Kentucky gets a decent drive going after a few punts, but is unable to bring it to the end zone. KENT 3, USC 0

SCORE 2: After several rough drives to start, South Carolina finally puts together a scoring drive on the strength of QB Brandon McIlwain picking up a few first downs in the air thanks to TE Hayden Hurst. RB AJ Turner cashes one in for 6. KENT 3, USC 7.

SCORE 3: Kentucky gets the ball to start the second half, and the Wildcats take advantage on a 28-yard Boom Williams run. KENT 10, USC 7.

SCORE 4: Several USC drives stall, but good field position at midfield gives South Carolina the opportunity to capitalize. The drive unfortunately stops at the Kentucky 19, but Elliot Fry knocks it in with a 35-yard FG. KENT 10, USC 10.

SCORE 5: Kentucky's Benjamin Snell cashes in a Wildcats drive on a 1-yard run. KENT 17, USC 10.

FINAL: Kentucky 17, South Carolina 10.

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