Flag supporters mark anniversary of Confederate flag removal

Flag supporters mark anniversary of Confederate flag removal

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - On July 10, 2015, the Confederate battle flag was removed from the South Carolina State House grounds, following the massacre at Mother Emanuel AME in Charleston.

Twenty-two days after the attack that took nine lives during a prayer group at the historic church, Gov. Nikki Haley signed a bill that was the subject of national focus and days-long debate in the South Carolina Legislature.

Gov. Haley said she believes the flag is now a part of South Carolina's past, and that the state continues to move forward with kindness, respect, and acceptance.

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South Carolina Secessionist Party Chairman James Bessenger says his organization is considering filing a formal complaint over Haley's decision to fly the Coastal Carolina flag for a day after the team won the College World Series.

Sunday's demonstration at the State House by the South Carolina Secessionist Party, what they are calling a Confederate Honor Day rally, was on the site where the flag pole once stood. The group brought their own temporary pole and raised their own Confederate battle flag.

Dozens of counter-protesters showed up to voice their opposition to the Secessionists rally, and though the groups were separated by two barriers set yards apart by the South Carolina Department of Public Safety, the two groups had a few heated exchanges.

After the Confederate flag supporters wrapped up their event, they did request assistance from the many law enforcement agencies on hand to keep the peace, so as to provide them safe passage by the counter-protesters.

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