Gov. Sanford defends Santee Cooper study

(Columbia-AP) April 19, 2005 - State Democrats question Governor Mark Sanford's involvement in a study to help determine the value of the state-owned utility, Santee Cooper.

First lady Jenny Sanford helped pick the company that will determine what Santee Cooper is worth. The study has prompted fears that the governor wants to privatize the electric and water utility.

State Democratic Party Chairman Joe Erwin was talking about the issue to reporters at a news conference as Sanford showed up. Erwin handed the governor a Freedom of Information request to get documents on the study.

Sanford says it is important to know what Santee Cooper is worth. He says he's has worked for privatization of the state's automobile fleet, a state-owned golf course and a bait shop. But he says he has not discussed privatizing Santee Cooper and has no plans to sell it.

Posted 11:43am by BrettWitt