Three arrested in brutal hunting lodge fight caught on camera

Three arrested in brutal hunting lodge fight caught on camera

ALCOLU, SC (WIS) - A parent is speaking out against bullying after video of his stepson being beaten by several people surfaced on Facebook.

The incident took place at a hunting lodge in Alcolu and now the Clarendon County Sheriff's Office is planning to make arrests.

Jerry Coker, the victim's stepfather, says not only did his stepson take a brutal beating, he says his confidence did as well. Now he wants people to know fighting and bullying is never the answer.

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Coker says it's hard to watch the video.

"I just want someone to be held responsible," Coker said.

According to the incident report, the fight broke out during a party at the Black River Hunting Lodge. The victim told deputies he was attacked by seven people after he was asked to leave the party.

"He says, 'I went in everything was okay, and I was going to leave,'" Coker said. "He says, 'I was talking to the guy and that's when I got hit from behind. And when I got hit from behind,' he says, 'Then the whole world just caved in on me,' and he said, 'My head hit the floor and somebody was on top of me beating me in face,' and he says, 'I thought this is it, you're going to die.'"

Coker's stepson was so severely beaten he had to receive immediate medical care.

"He had a concussion, nasal bone was broken, he had a black eye, he had numerous abrasions, his eye was swollen almost completely shut, and a split to his cheek," Coker said.

Coker, who's been in school administration for 40 years, is now a high school assistant principal. He describes the fight as extreme bullying.

"The bullying has gotten worst over the years," Coker said. "Now that I'm outside, so to speak, a member of my own family was jumped, I just wonder where we're going as a society."

The investigator on this case says Nick Gibbons, 21; John Micheau, 21; and Burke Micheau, 18, have been charged with second degree assault. If found guilty they could be facing up to three years in prison.

The investigation is still ongoing.

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