Abused puppy makes new friend, becomes viral star after brutal attack

Published: May. 10, 2016 at 4:17 AM EDT|Updated: May. 10, 2016 at 2:28 PM EDT
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(Source: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)
(Source: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

KERSHAW COUNTY, SC (WIS) - Sammie, a stray dog recently found in Kershaw County after being abused, is lucky to be alive.

Last week, rescuers say a neighbor found the injured puppy off Old Stagecoach Road and brought him to the Kershaw County Humane Society in Camden.

"He was in good spirits, in a sense. He was wagging his tail," Paws and Claws vet tech Nikki Jones said, "but he had barely any energy. He could barely even lift his head, you know, to give us a kiss."

Jones and other rescuers believe Sammie was shot in the head, dragged by a car, and left for dead.

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"They have all these studies that people who are capable of causing pain to animals are capable of causing pain to humans," Jones said. "So, I mean, sociopath, in my brain."

However, Sammie has shown great signs of improvement over the last week. His head is stitched and his hurt legs are healing. Sammie will likely need a couple more months, however, before the rescue group out of New York can adopt him out.

Sammie has even made a friend in another dog named Simon. Their friendship can be seen in a picture that has since made the two canine pals viral stars on social media.

"Simon heard him crying in there and his ears perked up," Jones recalled, "and he came in and just very gently jumped up on the X-ray table with his one paw and was kind of like, 'Hey, bud. What's wrong? Don't worry. These guys got ya.'"

Jones says she is glad Sammie is getting national attention, but she's hoping the other animals at her clinic will as well.

"We see dogs like this every single day and it's so heartbreaking," Jones said, "but none of them get any attention. None of them get any funding because none of them happen to get a good picture, you know. That's the reality of it."

The clinic says more than $20,000 has been donated to help Sammie, but only $200 has been donated to help another one of the rehabilitating dogs under their care.

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