Double the diplomas; twin sets to graduate from Claflin

Double the diplomas; twin sets to graduate from Claflin
Cogman twins (Source: WIS)
Cogman twins (Source: WIS)

ORANGEBURG, SC (WIS) - Among the more than 400 students who will receive their diplomas Saturday from Claflin University are two sets of twins, all graduating with 4.0 grade-point-averages.

Two sets of twins, Gabriel and Bianca Bryant alongside Jacob and James Cogman, spent their college years with the person who knows them best. They all describe the opportunity as a blessing.

For the Bryant twins, it was never their plans to attend the same university. However, both received full scholarships and majored in biochemistry. The twins say they're glad they made the decision to stick together, especially when it comes to classes.

"It's nice like sometimes if you don't get a concept, it's nice to have someone right there who can explain it to you in a way that maybe someone who doesn't really know you knows how to explain it," says Gabriel Bryant, who is graduating with twin sister.

"I'm just really proud we worked really hard, and it's just a really good feeling to know our hard work is going to pay off," says Bianca Bryant.

The Cogman twins share the same sentiments. They, too, both have the same major and are graduating with a degree in politics and justice studies. While both are natives of Maryland, the brothers say at times it was a struggle being away from home. They say it was their bond that kept them motivated during their college career.

"He was my biggest courage and supporter whenever I felt discouraged or felt weary or felt like I was behind in a class," says James Cogman, who is graduating with his twin brother. "He was the biggest one to kick my butt when I needed it."

"We have achieved this great milestone in our lives, and we've done it together. It's a great feeling knowing that the person who I shared a womb with I'm now getting to share a stage with for the second time in life," said Jacob Cogman.

After graduation, the Bryant sisters plan on working for a non-profit. However, they will both be in different cities.

As far as the Cogman brothers, Jacob plans to attend Emory University while James will attend Yale.

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