Here's what you need to know about Spirit Communications Park parking

Here's what you need to know about Spirit Communications Park parking

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Just two days to go now before professional baseball returns to downtown Columbia, and while the new Spirit Communications Park seems ready for action -- what about parking for thousands of new fans?

The short answer from the Fireflies organization is yes. They not only have an extensive plan for parking around Spirit Communications Park, but that plan has already been tested. A total of just over 3,400 parking spots are ready to go. Some are on the Bullstreet property around the ballpark and others are across Colonial Drive. Those spaces are being borrowed from state agencies for the time being and fans who end up in those spots will be shuttled across the street via trolley cars.

Team spokeswoman Abby Naas says that along with traffic assistance from the Columbia Police Department and the team's staff should be able to cover all the bases when it comes to parking.

"We can obviously make any changes as we go," Naas said. "But this is how we're going to start and we're just going to kind of see how things go. It was a good test at the Night of Joy on Sunday just to see how the trolley service went. But our biggest test will be Thursday and this coming weekend with the opening weekend and we can make adjustments as the season progresses."

The Fireflies say there are more than a dozen access points to the parking lots. The trolley service will be free, but parking is three bucks. There are also 32 handicap-accessible spaces near the ballpark.

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