Haley joins forces to stop inmate access to cell phones

Haley joins forces to stop inmate access to cell phones

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Gov. Nikki Haley is joining others who are asking for more to be done to stop prisoners from using contraband cell phones.

The governor was at a Federal Communications Commission hearing Wednesday, where officials say prisoners are sneaking in cell phones by smuggling them in through a family member or even having them flown in by a drone. Law enforcement officials say that enables prisoners behind bars to still organize crimes like hits on police, prison workers and witnesses in criminal cases.

The governor joined calls for Congress to work with the FCC and cell phone companies to come up with a solution.

"We are giving them a weapon where they can communicate with the outside world," Haley said. "They can deal on drugs. They can deal with gangs. They can deal with hits. They can deal with your children, and they can go on social media and get in contact with people that they should have to have."

"Because we can't get these bodies to act, cell phones continue to work and the only thing that is happening from these cell phones is criminal activity," Haley continued. "Every ounce of it is criminal activity."

The governor said last year thousands of cell phones were confiscated from state prisoners. She says the Department of Corrections is doing more searches to stop the flow of contraband.

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