SC Lawmakers passionately debate future of roads bill

Published: Mar. 1, 2016 at 3:19 PM EST|Updated: May. 12, 2016 at 1:21 PM EDT
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COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Lawmakers expected a lot of intense emotion on the Senate floor from the start of an impromptu debate on roads.

"Y'all are wasting my time and I'm ticked off about it! I would rather y'all waste my money, but I know we'll get to that later on in the session," Senator Shane Massey said.

"I think everybody is passionate about how they feel and I think that's a good thing. If people are passionate about it you get a better product in the end. And I think what it's going to take is a lot of discussion," Senator Nikki Setzler said.

But some of that discussion got candid, like an exchange between Senators Harvey Peeler and Vincent Sheheen.

Peeler: "Senator from Kershaw, did you say you feel sorry for me?"

Sheheen: "No, I'm pretty sure I didn't say that."

Peeler: "Well, I feel bad for you, you got beat up by a girl, twice."

Sheheen: "It's pretty bad isn't it?"

Peeler: "It was all in jest. He popped the governor."

Sheheen: "We have to cut $700 million from the budget. And the majority of that cut goes to 300 really wealthy people in South Carolina."

Peeler: "I probably hit back a little too hard."

But not all back and forth on the roads debate ended in laughter. Tempers flared between lawmakers unsatisfied with work done on the bill, and those who sat on committees like the Transportation Committee, which made recent attempts to amend the roads bill.

Senator Thomas McElveen: "Can you please explain to me and other members of the body why what we passed is junk, in your opinion? Why is that junk?"

Senator Shane Massey: "It's fake! It doesn't give the executive control of the executive agency. It's fake."

Lawmakers will discuss roads again in next week's Senate Finance committee meeting.

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