Iowa Caucus winner may not determine results in SC, future primaries

Iowa Caucus winner may not determine results in SC, future primaries

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - The strategies for each candidate leading up to Monday's Iowa Caucus is changing by the minute.

With the polls now showing a narrow gap between GOP frontrunner Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, Trump has increased his salvos aimed at Cruz, a strategy that he executed Wednesday night in South Carolina.

"He was born in Canada," Trump told the crowd. "He was a citizen of Canada and he said he didn't know that."

While the Fox debate pulled in 12.5 million viewers, compared to the 2.7 million that watched Trump's veterans' support rally, some strategists believe the choice not to take part in the debate did what the Trump camp had hoped: it put Ted Cruz in the debate crosshairs.

"It's not about just winning," SCGOP chairman Matt Moore said. "It's about expectation setting, second, third place, and beyond."

While the fight is tooth and nail in Iowa, South Carolina GOP says results in the Midwest may not be much of a prediction for who gets the 50 winner-take-all delegates in the Republican primary.

"Do you have the kind of organization to win beyond Iowa?" Moore said. "And what the early states do beyond Iowa, particularly New Hampshire, is sort of filter out candidates."

With that in mind, a win in Iowa may not mean strong turnout in the Palmetto State and that's why candidates have that simple reminder.

"Make sure you vote!" Trump told the crowd. "You've got to vote!"

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