Community Builder: Pastor leads volunteers in flood relief efforts

Updated: Nov. 16, 2015 at 7:55 PM EST
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COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - People throughout the Midlands have come together to help one another during and after the floods.

One of the major relief efforts has been led by Rosewood Baptist Church where we find our latest Community Builder in partnership with Mungo Homes.

As WIS broadcast live on the Friday after the floods, the inside of the the gym at Rosewood Baptist Church in Columbia was operating as a warehouse for relief supplies.

"The University of South Carolina sent people over, we've had the medical school send people," said Pastor Bob Morgan of Rosewood Baptist Church, as he listed volunteers in a live interview.

Pastor Bob and a host of volunteers stacked water and essentials that would soon be delivered to those who needed it most.

"It's really just about a community loving and caring for each other and just finding that need and filling it," added Pastor Bob.

Rosewood Baptist worked to fill that need the first night of the floods, first becoming a temporary shelter and then a warehouse when the church lost running water.

"In a time like this it really takes men of vision, and I think that people of vision really have the forethought to create something to help for the future," said Aaron Hardwick who volunteered several days at Rosewood Baptist. "In this case Bob was that person."

It's why those close to Pastor Bob nominated him as a Community Builder, and WIS and Matt Mungo with Mungo Homes got to surprise him.

"For all your efforts in the community and helping with the flood relief over the past month, I'd like to say you've been nominated and chosen to receive our Community Builder award," said Mungo as he presented the award. "So thank you very much."

But Pastor Bob wouldn't take the credit.

"It was not me, " said Pastor Bob pointing to the many volunteers who showed up for the surprise. "It's these people that volunteered. They came and gave of their time and effort, and God just provided everything we needed during this."

Immediately after Pastor Bob was told he would receive a $1,000 donation from the Michael J. Mungo Foundation, he gave it right back to flood relief.

"As a matter of fact, this is Bill Deickmann with the Columbia Metro Baptist Association," said Pastor Bob, motioning Bill over to Matt Mungo. "Bill is on the ground right now helping people put sheet rock and lumber back into their homes, and I think that would help people rebuild their home."

It is relief that Pastor Bob says is still very much needed six weeks after the floods.

"When that relief goes straight from where it came from to where it's needed, that's when people see what God can do," said Pastor Bob. "We don't want to hold that back, we want to make sure people get it."

WIS and Mungo Homes want to recognize others like Pastor Bob who have made an incredible difference in the lives of others since the floods.

If you know someone who has been a hero, click here to nominate them as a Community Builder.

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