Tim Miller catches up with Al Roker in Hilton Head for Rokerthon

Tim Miller catches up with Al Roker in Hilton Head for Rokerthon

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, SC (WIS) - Tim Miller with the WIS First Alert Team caught up with NBC's Al Roker in Hilton Head Wednesday night as part of Rokerthon 2. Here's their conversation:

"Here we are, beautiful Sea Pine in Hilton Head and look who's here,  Al Roker!  It's so good to see you."

"It's so good to see you,Tim, but what a perfect day. Yeah, I'm telling you!"

"All right. I got a couple of things for you. Okay. We know you like to bike ride so we have a shirt here."


"After you swear that shirt you can put this one on, and you need energy so in the south we have moon pies and RC Cola."

"I got to get that sugar level up."

"And we also have some grits and Blennheim Ginger Ale."

"I've been talking about Blennheim Ginger Ale--it makes you sneeze it's so spicy."

"Yeah, but it will wake you up."

"There you go."

"In fact I'm making gin-gin mules on the plane tonight so that will be perfect!"

"Do you have an extra seat for me?"

"Ha, ha! How about our forecast?"

"Okay, so let's start it off here as we wind things up. A brand new iPad. We love this thing. So anyway South Carolina where we're looking at Myrtle Beach 71 degrees, partly sunny skies, 54 for tonight's low, Columbia 71 an overnight Low of 52, Greenville 50, Hilton Head 59 and fair and Charleston will be fair skies to night of 54 degrees."

"I love it! Thank you very much! Al good luck. Where are you headed to now?"

"We are going to Elizabeth City and then Charleston, West Virginia."

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