Out with the old, in with a new Decker Center

Out with the old, in with a new Decker Center

RICHLAND COUNTY, SC (WIS) - Out with the old, in with the new at the Decker Center in Northeast Richland County. It's at the intersection of Decker Boulevard and O'Neil Court where the old Kroger used to be.

Richland County Councilman Jim Manning says the project is on schedule to be completed in just over a year.

The new Decker Center is 110,000 square feet that will be used for the Central Court Magistrate, Sheriff's substation and space for members of the community to meet.

The substation is expected to include the civil and criminal warrants departments, an investigative unit, and equipment for deputies. Councilman Manning says the center is not only on schedule, but under budget. He said the project is part of revitalizing the area.

"It's just so exciting because as I said there's just a master plan that runs from Percival Road to Two Notch. So we've done 19 facade gr ants, but this is just the biggest chunk of all in the whole revitalization," Manning said. "This is actually pinpointed in District 8 but there are four districts that have constituents that will live, shop, and play right in this area."

Manning said once it's finished, he predicts hundreds of people will be in and out of the center every day, which will help boost business in the area.

"When you take all the deputies and folks from the Sheriff's Department coming in and out of here to get supplies -- it's just going to bring so much traffic onto the corridor. This will cause them to come here and once they're here and enjoy it we're just certain they are going to be back," he said.

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