Graveside balloons come home

Graveside balloons come home

STERLING, OK (NBC/KFOR) - Sandy and Saige Seibold are still experiencing those painful firsts; weekends, sporting events, seasons where a husband and father used to be and where, now, he is not.

"He was diagnosed in September," says widow Sandy Seibold. "He passed away in May.

"He's a great person," says his 13 year old daughter Saige before covering her face to hide fresh tears.

On the first Father's Day since Johnny Seibold's funeral, Saige and Sandy paid a visit to his burial site near the town of Sterling, Oklahoma.

Sandy thought it might be helpful that afternoon to release a bunch of balloons with a message. The handwritten note asked the finder to please contact them.

It took a few hours for them to run a few errands and make the 25 mile drive north, back home to Cement, where they found a shocking surprise.

Saige went downhill from their house to the pasture where she and her father often worked together, and there, tangled in a fence, were the balloons and her message.

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