Irmo man invents revolutionary barbell

Irmo man invents revolutionary barbell

RICHLAND COUNTY, SC (WIS) - Roy Rogers has been training athletes for 18 years.

During the past four years, he's been working on revolutionizing the barbell. Rogers has invented the Double R Strong Bar. It's a barbell with springs that allows you to contract and isolate targeted muscles while doing your workout.

"It's two exercises in one. It intensifies your workout and it saves you time at the gym when you're working out," Rogers said. "It makes your workout harder to do but at the same time you don't have to use as much weight."

Doug Mahan is a natural bodybuilder. He was one of the first people that Roy introduced to the Double R Strong Bar concept.

"It allows you to use less weight than your normally would, making it safer," Mahan said. "It allows you to get the intensity factor of the dumbbells and the safety factor of the stability of the bar itself. I got to pay attention to what I'm doing!"

Rogers donated one bar to Dutch Fork High School. Some of their athletes worked out with it for the first time this week.

"On a regular bar, You rotate with just this...just the weights rotating," Silver Foxes strength and conditioning coach Noah Dixon said. "Now with the Double R bar, you have the weights rotating as well as your hand so that's got to be two times the speed and that's what we're looking for in the weight room: speed explosiveness throughout the same workout."

Dutch Fork athletes were able to tell the difference in using the Double R Strong Bar compared to a traditional barbell.

"The way that the handles rotate, it makes the rotation of the snatch quicker," Dutch Fork sophomore Elijah Ngugi said. "The form has to be perfect for it because it puts more pressure on you to control it because it's not stable. You have to control it with all of the small muscles in whatever lift you're doing."

In addition to helping people get more of their workouts, Rogers would like to see the Double R Strong Bar in every high school throughout the state.

"I prayed and I asked God to show me how I'm supposed to leave my mark in life and the thing about is this concept came to me," Rogers said. "I drew it out, hired a graphics art designer, put pen to paper, and became a reality."

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