The Cheat Sheet: Patriotic politics edition

The Cheat Sheet: Patriotic politics edition

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Fear not, good South Carolina political junkies! After a brief paternity leave, The Cheat Sheet is back with all the snark you can handle. So this July 4th holiday, make sure to grab a hot dog, a frosty beverage, and get ready for all the silly moments that make American politics fun.

"There's been national media hysteria in the fact that TV Land has pulled The Dukes of Hazzard. This has just gotten to the absolute extreme." - State Senator Lee Bright (R- Spartanburg) on nationwide response to the Confederate Battle Flag debate.

Lawmakers will take up S.897, the bill proposing removing the Confederate Battle Flag from the State House grounds, bright and early Monday morning. The current state law is air tight when it comes to taking the flag down,
and has to be voted on and passed by a supermajority of both Senators and Representatives, which protesters on both sides haven't quite seemed to grasp this week.

Some lawmakers anticipate the bill to move through both chambers by the end of next week, even though amendments have already been proposed, and the bill will have to go through the House Judiciary Committee. If it passes by
Friday, it begs the question what slowed down the rest of the bills this session?

Republican candidates Jeb Bush and Ben Carson rolled through the Palmetto State this week. Jeb started in the Lowcountry, Ben stopped in the Upstate. They did not, however, meet in the middle and shake hands at the final railroad

THE WINNERS: Any company selling markers and poster board 
With as many protests and rallies taking place at the State House, there's bound to be a bump in crafting supply sales statewide. I predict the start of the Great Sharpie Bubble of 2015.

THE LOSERS: All the 2016 presidential candidates
With all eyes on the flag debate, presidential candidates in South Carolina right now are like The Dukes of Hazzard. No one's watching them right now.

THE WRAP: A crossfitting vegan, a pro-flag supporter and an anti-flag supporter all walk into the State House. I only know because they all told me within two mintues.

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