Wranglers capture alligator in Columbia neighborhood

Wranglers capture alligator in Columbia neighborhood

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - An alligator spanning over seven feet long was captured Monday in a Columbia neighborhood.

Neighbors in the Lake Katharine neighborhood near Trenholm Road and I-77 spotted two alligators in the lake over two weeks ago and have deemed them a nuisance.

Residents in the area say it's not uncommon for them to have to deal with seeing gators nearby.

David Baxley, who lives on Lake Katherine, used to go kayaking before photos of the gators began to appear on social media.

"The neighbors posted a picture on Facebook of the actual alligator on the shore I think," Baxley said, "and that really made me realize how real it was."

Matt McCarter says he's got a bird's eye view when the lengthy reptile was roped in on Monday.

"It was a little bigger than I expected it to be," McCarter said, "and then, there was a point where it actually jumped out of water."

Although it may be shocking to some at Lake Katherine, officials at the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources say it's not uncommon for gators to make their way into the Midlands.

A gator wrangler and a crew of men were able to catch one of the gators Monday afternoon and taken to West Columbia where it had to be euthanized.

The same crew is working to catch a second gator that stretch about three feet long.

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