Community Builder: Local shop owner donates profits to women’s shelter

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - For the past five years a local consignment shop has given all of its net profits to The Women's Shelter in Columbia.

Led by Columbia business woman Debbie McDaniel, it is her constant desire to give back to others that led those who know her to nominate her as a WIS Community Builder in partnership with Mungo Homes.

"Debbie just does great things," said Sallie Boggs who nominated McDaniel. "I've known her for probably 30 or 40 years, and she's a great asset to the community. She's a great role model for everyone in terms of what we can do to help others."

McDaniel's love for retail is what led her into consignment. "I had been in regular retail most of my life and I saw the way it was going with different things, so I thought what can I do with my background where I don't have to own my inventory?"

So, McDaniel opened Revente in Five Points in 1992. Then in 2010, it was her love for people that led her to open Revente Second Chances off of Millwood Avenue.

"We've been open now five years," said McDaniel. "Not only do we work with The Women's Shelter and donate all of our net profit to them, we dress vets in need that are referred to us from Fast Forward Technology Center."

To date, Revente Second Chances has given more than $100,000 to The Women's Shelter which helps homeless women in crisis. They've also dressed more than 100 veterans.

"From the moment the shop opened, it took on its own life," said Patti Rosenfeld, Manager of Revente Second Chances. "It has become so much more than Debbie and I both envisioned it would be. It's a community place."

A community place with a Community Builder at the helm. We got to surprise McDaniel with the news during our interview.

When Mary Mungo with Mungo Homes walked into Revente Second Chances, McDaniel thought she was a customer. Instead Mungo shook McDaniel's hand and told her why she was there. "I have this hard hat for you, and we're also going to donate $1,000 to the charity of your choice from the Michael J. Mungo foundation."

McDaniel responded, "Patty, did you know [about this?] The Women's Shelter!" as she burst into tears. "Oh no, I can't be on TV."

As the tears flowed, McDaniel shared what the donation would mean for the shelter.

"That's huge for The Women's Shelter. It means a lot. It means bus tickets for their residents…it means food on the table. It may mean clothing for someone we're not able to clothe. I think Kathy [Riley, of the shelter] will be absolutely over the moon when she gets the news. Now I'm going to cry again."

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