Suspicious behavior during traffic stop leads officers to drug bust

Suspicious behavior during traffic stop leads officers to drug bust
Kamal Massey (Source: Kershaw County Sheriff)
Kamal Massey (Source: Kershaw County Sheriff)

A traffic stop for speeding leads law enforcement officers to a drug bust in Kershaw County.

Eric Sumpter and Kamal Massey were arrested Monday morning after South Carolina Highway State Trooper stopped the vehicle for speeding on Interstate 20 at about 6:45 a.m. A Kershaw County deputy who was in the area stopped at the scene to assist the trooper.

The trooper told the deputy that "something did not seem right" about Sumpter and Massey as they were acting nervously. 

While searching the vehicle, officers noticed a backpack in the backseat they said contained 480 bags of heroin,  1.5 ounces of ecstasy a digital scale and packaging materials. Both Sumpter and Massey told officers they didn't know who owned the backpack. 

Kershaw County Sheriff James Matthews says the deputy on the scene noticed marijuana flakes on Sumpter's shirt and he admitted to having smoked marijuana.

Matthews says Sumpter and Massey have lengthy criminal records – mostly in the New Jersey area.

Sumpter was recently released from federal prison and has been arrested for convictions in New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Massachusetts and Georgia. His record includes convictions for forgery, identity theft, credit card theft, assault on police, possession of drug paraphernalia, making false IDs and threat to kill.

According to Matthews, Massey's previous arrests occurred in New Jersey for distribution of drugs on school property, disorderly conduct, improper behavior and various other drug charges.

Both men were charged with trafficking heroin and trafficking MDMA (ecstasy) and were taken to the Kershaw County Detention Center, where they have not yet posted bond.

"A 'routine' traffic stop and excellent interagency cooperation resulted in these significant narcotics arrests. Sumpter and Massey intended to peddle a lot of their 'poison' somewhere and were stopped in Kershaw County," said Matthews. "I commend the trooper and our deputy for taking the extra steps necessary to get these men off the street."

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