Lexington dam erodes due to record rainfall

As record rain fell in the Midlands overnight, officials in the Town of Lexington are repairing an eroded dam behind the Lexington School District One office.

After nearly four inches of rain came pounding down early Thursday, the dam eroded, causing soil to wear away and leaving a huge gap.

Town officials say the main concern with the eroded dam is that the water can run through that gap and seep into the Corley Woods subdivision which is located beside the dam.

Lexington School District one officials tell WIS that they are working with a subcontractor along with town and county officials to prevent that overflow of water from running into the subdivision.

Ray Gringley, who lives in Corley Woods says that he trusts that local authorities will prevent the water from overflowing. He says his main concern, however, is the possibility of snakes with the rising water levels.

“The area on the other side there, it's not swampy but it is overgrown and lot of trees,” says Gringley. “Any rise in the water we would be concerned if any wildlife just kind of pushed up hill, including snakes. Hopefully that won't happen.”

Town officials say repairs are expected to be completed Thursday night.

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