Tin foil hats show up in State House during debate on Sharia Law

Tin foil hats show up in State House during debate on Sharia Law

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Tin foil hats, conspiracy theories, and an Elvis sighting -- it wasn't a meeting of The X-Files Fan Club. It was a vote in the South Carolina House of Representatives on Thursday.

It all had to do with one bill, which proposes banning any court or law enforcement agency from enforcing any foreign laws. Sounds pretty straightforward. Why would a judge uphold any laws that weren't United States laws?

Well, it had a lot of lawmakers scratching their heads and then some.

The bill was one of the last items on the agenda for Thursday, but it dragged for about three hours.

Lawmakers accused the bill of fear-mongering, targeting Islamic, or Sharia Law, specifically. At one point, Rep. Craig Gagnon (R-Abbeville) even put on a tin foil hat to show his thoughts on the bill.

You had lawmakers on one side of the House citing stories they found on Google relating to Sharia Law being used in the US. On the other side, you had lawmakers debunking conspiracy theories using Snopes.com.

Rep. Chip Limehouse (R-Charleston), who proposed the bill, didn't really expect this sort of fight over it.

"I thought this would be a no brainer, so to speak," Limehouse said. "I thought that not using foreign law in South Carolina courts would unanimously support and we'd be out of here in five minutes."

So what happened to the bill?


After hours upon hours of debate, and multiple attempts to pass, or kill it, the House simply decided to take the bill up next week.

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