Former WIS-TV director cut away from infamous Doug Baldwin touchdown celebration

Former WIS-TV director cut away from infamous Doug Baldwin touchdown celebration

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - It was perhaps the third or fourth most-talked about moment in all of Super Bowl XLIX, but you likely didn't see it because a wily television director who used to work in Columbia, South Carolina heard his mother's voice telling him not to show the moment when it happened.

Late in the third quarter with the Seattle Seahawks up by three over the New England Patriots, Seattle QB Russell Wilson goes for a play-action pass and delivers a strike to a wide open Doug Baldwin in the end zone.

Baldwin, whose catch put Seattle up by 10, begins to celebrate with his teammates, but it's what he did next that had former WIS television director John Howard, who was the technical director for Super Bowl XLIX, cut away quickly before the full act was broadcast to over 100 million viewers worldwide.

Baldwin mimed pulling his pants down and squatted over the football, making it look like he pooped the ball out, If you've been on the Internet since Sunday's game, then you've likely seen what it would have looked like had Howard left Baldwin up on the broadcast. It's now being called the "#poopdown."

In a post to his Facebook page offering thanks for all the well wishes he received for the broadcast, Howard said he immediately thought of his mother before Baldwin went to the faux-pooping act.

"And to my guardian angel, Dawn Howard, I continue to feel you and hear your voice in every thing I do...all the way do to the subtle 'Hey, be careful...that idiot who just scored is gonna pretend to drop his pants and poop out a may want to hasten that cut,'" Howard said.

And hasten that cut he did. Seattle went on to lose the Super Bowl to New England 28-24 in what went on to become the most-watched television program in history.

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