Father: Daughter, her child improving after ATV accident that killed other pregnant sister

Father: Daughter, her child improving after ATV accident that killed other pregnant sister

SUMTER COUNTY, SC (WIS) - The father of pregnant sisters involved in an accident that killed one of the sisters and her unborn child says the other sister and her baby are improving after the accident.

Sam Daniel Turner, the pair's father, says Samantha Turner, 16, is out of ICU and is starting to move and talk. Samantha was 34 weeks pregnant when the accident occurred and had to deliver via emergency C-section recently.

Turner said the baby is also doing much better.

Meanwhile, Turner is dealing with funeral arrangements for his other daughter, Ashlyn Turner, 18, who was killed in the crash alongside her 22-week-old unborn child. He's having a tough time with the loss.

"Those girls did everything together," Turner said  "[Ashlyn] was a tough girl. She was actually doing something with her life."

Turner is also angry with comments he's seen on social media expressing thoughts as to why these two pregnant teens were riding an ATV in the first place.

"I watched my child die," Turner said. "So all these people making all these comments on Facebook, be in my shoes! Stand here and watch your child die in your arms 'cause that's what happened to me."

He said he taught  his girls how to ride their ATVs safety. He also says he tried to encourage them not to ride since they were pregnant. In light of what happened, Turner said neither he nor any member of his family may use an ATV again.

"I love my children, Turner said. "I taught them kids how to ride that four-wheeler safely."

Turner is leaning on his family, who is being extremely supportive during this time.

"They've been here supporting and helping me, because without them I'd be melting down," he said.

The accident happened on Jan. 31 when the sisters who were on one ATV collided with a second ATV being driven by a 15-year-old on Wrangler Trail in Sumter County.

The South Carolina Highway Patrol said the 15-year-old had slowed down to wait for the sisters, but they could not slow down in time.

Ashlyn and Samantha were rushed to Palmetto Health Richland for treatment, where Ashlyn was later pronounced dead on Sunday.

The Highway Patrol continues to investigate this case.

This Saturday, both Sonics in Sumter will give 10 percent of their sales to support the Turner family.

And there will also be a car wash at the Broad Street Sonic, where all donations will go to the family.

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