Gov. Haley to form taskforce to help limit criminal domestic violence

Gov. Haley to form taskforce to help limit criminal domestic violence

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Despite being considered preventable, South Carolina ranks as the second-highest state in criminal domestic violence-related murders of women.

"Since I've been governor," Gov. Nikki Haley said, "it's been an issue that's been ongoing. This year, everyone's talked about doing something about it. But everything they've wanted to talk about was legislative. Don't think that a legislative bill is suddenly going to put a band aid on this and suddenly we're going to shoot to the safest states in the country. That's not going to happen."

The day before a CDV bill proposed by Sen. Larry Martins makes its way to committee, Haley says she's forming a taskforce to bridge the cultural barriers and issues with legislative ideas.

"Does law enforcement know how to speak to that person when they're called to their house?" Haley questioned.

Kit Gruelle, a survivor of domestic violence and head of the Private Violence documentary project was among the members of today's CDV roundtable at the State House.

"Domestic violence is a complicated crime," Gruelle said. "It's not a black and white crime, it's not a crime that involves strangers."

Gruelle talked about the issues law enforcement, religious communities, and other groups are usually up against when it comes to CDV.

"We can all do a better job," Gruelle said.

Gov. Haley has not yet named the members of that taskforce yet, but she did say the group would report to her.