Three Bible verses inspire man to return lost wallet with $305

Three Bible verses inspire man to return lost wallet with $305

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Here's a holiday story fitting for the season. We all know that feeling when we misplace or lose something. It's horrifying, to say the least. Stay with me on this, because there's some twists and turns. I'll start a few weeks before Thanksgiving.

Bruce Rylant, returning from Atlanta, stopped for gas somewhere in Georgia. He used a card at the pump, refueled, and drove off.

"Must have actually put my wallet on top of the car, on the trunk, and drove off without thinking about it," Bruce said.

Bruce didn't discover the loss until returning to Columbia. Here's that feeling of loss we've all had. And Bruce?

"A little bit of panic," Bruce said. "I had $305. Cash."

Ouch! Can you imagine losing $305 just like that? Of course, Bruce sprung into action.

"I was running crazy, canceling credit cards, debit cards, trying to scramble and get the insurance cards and drivers license," Bruce said.

Bruce checked the card companies. To his relief, no charges had appeared. He then remembered the Raceway gas station in Thomson, Georgia, got their number and made the call. They answered, but no one had turned in his wallet.

This went on for a week. No wallet, no cards and no $305 cash. One day followed another, the lost wallet gone for good and routine returned to his life.

Except for a package that showed up outside Bruce's residence. As you can probably guess, that package contained his wallet.

"All of my identification, all of my cards, and $305," Bruce said.

Yes, everything including the $305 dollars, and attached to the wallet was a little note.

"Three scriptural reasons I am moved to do this," the note said. "Please read them for yourself: Luke 10:27, Luke 16:10, Psalms 83:18. You're welcome."

The only clue who mailed the wallet was from the return address -- the good deed apparently done by a man named Mr. N. Cummings from Sparta, Georgia.

So there you have it. A story clearly in the spirit of the season.

But wait, it's not over.

Bruce wanted to thank the mysterious Mr. N. Cummings. The search was on, but no luck, So Bruce resorted to the old-fashioned way, a Thank You card through the mail to the return address with something extra.

"So I went out and bought a gift card for exactly the same amount that was in my wallet: $305," Bruce said

So that $305 went right back to Mr. Cummings.

"Hopefully, one day we can meet in person and I can shake his hand," Bruce said.

Maybe there's a bit of Mr. N. Cummings in each of us. After all, 'tis the season.

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